We exist to galvanise collective human energy around the big systemic issues of our time. We work with startups, organisations, brands, activists, NGO’s, investors and funding groups. Together we hatch, prototype and grow innovative solutions to some of the most pressing social and environmental problems that humanity is facing. Like climate change, biodiversity collapse, nature disconnection, food security, poverty, disease, health, education, clean energy. Many of these problems have been created through a disconnected approach to human development and most attempts to find solutions continue to take place in silos, where specialisation and ‘separateness’ remain as core ideas. These problems are too complex for any one organisation to solve. As all life is connected, Swarm bring collaboration, collective human energy and a whole system perspective to solving these larger issues. Swarm is founded on six core practices:

  • Self organisation and emergence
  • Constraints and challenges breed creativity
  • A demanding common task builds community
  • No one is as smart as everyone
  • Diversity is king