Hive is an experiential learning offer from Swarm for disruptors and change-makers inside and outside organisations. The purpose of Hive is to help build capacity and courageous leadership qualities in those who seek to navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century and thrive.

Hive sessions are short action inquiry-led collaborative learning journeys with a collaboration partner. Hive sessions kicks off with The Bio-Leadership Project.

The Bio-Leadership Project helps people and organisations meet 21st Century challenges by drawing inspiration from, and working in partnership with, Nature.

This marks the start of a bigger mission we’re exploring together around building ‘The Purpose Ecology.’

This first offering guided by Andres Roberts and Dan Burgess, invites 10 individuals to bring a live purpose challenge from their organisation and explore how working this question with nature and the collective group can help them build momentum around the purpose journey.

Why Cultivating Purpose?

Through this programme we aim to help a group of organisations break boundaries by starting to cultivate a deeper purpose. Purpose is an overused term in modern organisations. Few organisations take it seriously. But those that do have made amazing things happen, not just for their business but for society and the planet. We want to help more of this happen.

To be purpose driven is to innovate with a conscience, to create with beauty, to work with nature rather than use it up, to take real responsibility, to build brands that fix and restore, to re-imagine products truly fit for the 21st century, to ask the difficult questions, to work from the heart as well as the head, to be more human. To run businesses that serve society and all life, to use business to change something that matters, to do business unusual.

The Purpose Ecology aims to help more organisations do amazing things by deepening purpose in their organisations. We are doing this because we are amazed that the same organisations are used as examples of purposeful work time and time again. Why is it that beyond Patagonia, Interface, Innocent and Unilever, stories of purposeful organisations are hard to find?

We want to address the things that hold organisations back from doing more of this, and help more people draw the means to change the status quo. We have come to the conclusion that no one organisation can do this alone. We need to work as a network – an ecology – to shift to a culture of purpose.

The Purpose Ecology will begin with a collaborative process. We are inviting ten organisations to come together with a willingness to share and explore their own work while helping each other to cultivate new ideas and actions. The program will consist of two one day workshops, with additional online sessions, peer groups and continuous support from the team over a six week duration.

The program is about courageously exploring and experimenting with different ideas about organisation and culture. We start by looking at how the norm lets us down, and bring in fascinating, inspiring and sometimes challenging ideas inspired by different approaches to collaboration, innovation and principles from natural systems.

As the world around us becomes more uncertain and the impacts of business as usual become more and more unsustainable, we have to look honestly at why it is still so hard to put care at the heart of why organisations do what they do.

How do we find, create and unleash an authentic sense of purpose to help unite, guide, energise and awaken ourselves and our teams?

How do we shape organisational cultures so they enrich people and result in the new kind of innovation and growth we’re craving – more conscious, considered and life-centered ?

How do we do this in the face of increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world?

How do we cultivate the ongoing practice to unlearn old ways, adopt new practices, and show up consistently in new ways?

How it will work

We are calling out for a small group of organisations to join a first phase of the programme . The first phase will begin with interviews and conversations about approaches and visions of purpose

We will then host a first workshop, March 24th 2016, designed to break down the status quo but also to work with radical honesty, the reality of trying to work authentically with purpose with lessons and experiences related to Nature.

The first workshop will also help participants design and plan ideas and ‘action inquiries’ to inform their thinking and application of practice back in their organisations.

From here we will provide a continuous flow of support, including two online learning sessions to add additional content to the process, as well as peer coaching sessions and one to one support from the team .

This will all build up to a second one day workshop in April, designed to help people make meaning of the process, build individual capacities and refine their ongoing work.

What makes this different?

  1. Radical honesty. Let’s get real about the status quo and the reality inside and outside organisations in order to break it down.
  2. Learning through action: More than a talk shop, let’s apply this to our own everyday work contexts.
  3. Grounding and working through the lens of the natural world, practices and inspiration from nature.
  4. Seeing purpose as a system and a culture. No one person or organisaton is going to deepen this work enough to make a big difference. We need to work as an ecology of organisations.

Who it’s for

Anyone seeking to drive deeper purpose into their organisation/brand/team.


This program will be co-led by Andres Roberts (Bio-Leadership Project/Way Of Nature) and Dan Burgess (Swarm/Bio-Leadership Project). We will help and support each participant to shape their inquiry questions during the interview phase. More detail on hive sessions and the program in this podcast below.


£1,250 + VAT

£800 + VAT NGO

We hope to bring together a brilliant group around this, able to support each other with diverse perspectives and questions. To apply for a place on the journey, or to talk in more detail please connect with us and consider these questions:

Why are you drawn to working with this process ?
A question or challenge you might want to work with ?

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