EY Making Sense


We are living in a time of massive change, where disruption is the new normal.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are fundamentally reinventing the workforce. Drones and driverless cars are transforming supply chains and logistics. Our changing climate is urgently demanding clean energy. A tide of populism has swept Britain from the EU and America into the arms of Donald Trump. Even the truth has been disrupted.

But what does all of this mean to you?

What do you want to do about it?

And how can EY be a place for you to do that?

You’re invited to explore these questions and more on Friday 20th January for a day we’re calling Making Sense. You’ll join a pilot group of 50 people from across EY – Managers, ACPs, and a handful of Partners. It’ll be fun, insightful, challenging, rewarding, and you’ll be contributing to the start of a conversation about how the EY business could work better in a world where everything is changing.

This one-day experience will be hosted by Swarm; Tom, Dan, Stephen, and Matt.

We’re an innovation, venturing and learning business, a BCorporation. We collaborate with organisations to accelerate business unusual in pursuit of a more beautiful world.

To start to understand your perspectives, we’d love it if you could answer the questions in the short Typeform below ahead of the session. This will help us all get the most out of the one day session.

Be honest and be yourself.

We’ll share a summary of the group’s responses with you ahead of the session!