Girl Effect Global Swarm

Come and help change the world for girls, so that girls can change the world.

Welcome to Open Studios – a collaboration from Girl Effect and Swarm.

Open Studios is a global network of people who are interested in using creativity to break the barriers that hold so many girls back from achieving their full potential. We’re inspired by ideas like Skatiestan, Burka Avenger, Kazoo, Loy9, Girls Who Code, and Girl Effect’s Yegna, Ni Nyampinga

This year, we’re seeking young creative folk in Jakarta, Lagos, and Mumbai, with big hearts and open minds to collaborate on this mission. Does that sound like you? If so, this is your chance to dream big and create ideas that have potential to break the barriers that hold girls back in your country.

In October and November, you could join us for a two-day creative sprint workshop in your city.

Jakarta Creative Sprint 11th and 12th October
Lagos Creative Sprint 1st and 2nd November
Mumbai Creative Sprint 22nd and 23rd November

We’re seeking people with one or more of the following:

  • Strong creative skills and experience as a graphic or visual designer, writer, animator, coder, photographer, filmmaker, editor, producer, presenter, or artist.
  • Experience in developing and launching a TV programme, radio show, event, web series, game, record label, music band, digital content, magazine, or other media products aimed at youth, as a director, producer, editor, or other creator.
  • Deep knowledge of youth culture as a trusted commentator, trends expert or journalist.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, Open Studios wants to hear from you! Please be in touch at [email protected], and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Thank you!