An exploratory call for collaborators

Mashing science, gaming and nature, to inspire a generation to become stewards for their local natural spaces and places.


We’re Swarm – a creative collaboration company. You can find out more about us here.

Earlier this year, we Swarmed with 50 talented humans over two days to seed the first chapter of the Nature Intelligence Unit (NIU) – an open innovation and collaboration project with a mission of inviting and exciting people into nature intelligence gathering, participative science and looking out for the natural world. What emerged from that gathering was a smorgasbord of ideas with potential to get us humans noticing and protecting nature.

One idea that we have a lot of energy for is the NI5 – a fictional secret section of the Nature Intelligence Unit, run by kids who complete missions to notice and protect nature, earning their stripes as Nature Intelligence Officers and stewards for their local natural world. Something tells us it has potential and when we tested the idea with 10 families they liked it too. We think it could be some kind of digital product and there’s probably an app.

So what we have is the seed of an idea, a fun name, a rough mock up of how the app might work, some routes to funding, and a gut feeling that we should go for it!

Now, we’re scouting for collaborators to join us on this journey. In this first phase, we’re seeking a UK-based digital product development partner to build out an MVP with us, using a co-design process involving kids. We want to create an MVP which will allow us to test the full potential of a product with the users, to understand the scope and investment needed to realise it and bring it to market. What we need is a ballpark cost and estimate for the time needed to build the MVP. This information will help us shape our funding asks. We appreciate these are ballpark figures so we’ll be in touch to talk through in more detail when the time is right.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below. Any questions, be in touch at [email protected]