It seems that solutions to many of the 21st century issues that we are collectively facing lie right on our doorsteps. Outside of the man-made built environments that dominate our lives today.

Ideas, inspiration and answers to the many challenges in health, wellbeing, food, education, innovation and of course sustainability are all there in abundance in the natural world.

There's 3.8 billion years of innovation out there.

If only we made the time to look, listen and un-learn.

Humans were participating deeply with nature for thousands of years, before revolutions in agriculture and industry removed us rapidly and violently from nature.

The current post-industrial fallout spreading around the world through a numbing of hearts and minds needs a restorative movement of hope, possibility and energy which re-connecting with the natural world can provide.

Re-Wild for us is about looking to nature for intelligence, creativity, ideas and integration from personal, community, and cultural perspectives.

For business it's about seeking the knowledge we need to transition our economic system onto a sustainable path, grounded in ecological reality and limits, with a deep appreciation for all life.

Because nature is the only true sustainable system we know.

To Re-Wild is we believe one of the most urgent missions for humanity to embark on. It could also be the most beautiful and epic journey.

We're collaborating on a number of Re-Wild projects to develop movements, platforms, ventures and interventions.

The Wild Network is a movement of thousands of organisations committed to breaking down the barriers between kids and the outdoors.

Wild Time for Schools  is a product currently in prototype phase to help teachers take the national curriculum outdoors into natural environments.

Wild Camp is a collaborative leadership, personal resilience and wellbeing program for creative and business professionals.

We're currently scoping Wild Health - an accelerator program for start-ups focussed on developing healthcare prevention using nature based practices and innovation.

We're always open to exploring projects and collaborations on a Re-Wild mission.