Colchester - it's pilot time

Colchester – it’s pilot time

The oldest recorded town in Britain and finally getting a Primark! Just 2 of the things Colchester locals boasted about. Also home to 17 Boots stores andĀ The Waiting Room; a maker space, a DIY events venue, an open kitchen and a home away from home. A community hub in the truest sense, which made it a perfect gathering space for the 70 humans that joined us in collectively building on the previous ideas we’ve been hatching around growing the health and happiness of the next generation.

So what came of it? New friends, fresh outlooks and some tangible prototypes. From getting young people into stores by offering free water and wifi to Boots acting as a connector in the heart of the community, and not in the buzz word sense, in theĀ real people with real issues having real conversations sense. We won’t spoil everything yet, there are just a few steps to go before we get to pilot, but collective intelligence has struck again and it feels good.