WildCamp meets Year Here 2nd annual June 10-12, 2015

Wild Camp meets Year Here

This collaboration with groundbreaking enterprise Year Here, who are the UK’s leading organisation for developing graduates to be leaders in social innovation and agents of change. Their fellows are entering into the world of work with the intention of becoming leading social entrepreneurs, re-imagining business as a force for good. The Year Here program exists to immerse bright young minds at the frontline of the UK’s most pressing social problems and deliver a dynamic action learning and mentoring program to help them accelerate their impact.

Now in its second year, the collaboration with Wild Camp aims to find 16 experienced creative and business professionals to spend two days and two nights together with their 16 current fellows to mentor connect and support through a nature reconnection journey to open hearts and mind. It’s about the sharing of stories and experiences from one generation to another and exploring different ideas and world views. It’s about working with nature and wildness to develop open-ness, awareness, creativity and collaboration skills and building our inner capacity to do difficult and challenging work in the world.

The project is founded on 3 core ideas:

1. To share valuable professional skills, knowledge and experiences to support and guide the next generation of leaders

2. Challenge ourselves by exploring and experimenting with new ways of working. With specific focus on collaboration and open ways of leadership.

3. Embrace the real, raw energy of nature and wildness to create deeper awareness of ourselves and the systems we live, work and play in.

The Camp location is still being finalised, although it will be within 2 hours of London, June 10-12th, 2015. We’re seeking 16 inspired professionals to come and take part in this Wild Camp alongside the 16 Year Here fellows.

You’ll arrive early afternoon on the 10th and set up camp following introductions and an orientation of the site. For the next two days you will take part in a number of creative outdoor learning experiences and collaborative mentoring exercises, where nature will be our teacher.We’ll be preparing food together, cooking on an open fire, and opening up to the wonders of the forest by day and night. The Camp will close on the afternoon of the 10th. We are hoping to offer these places on a one for one concept where the fellows can attend for free.

The cost of the camp is £500 per person including all meals, it is a one for one model and this price includes a Year Here fellow. They get to experience the camp, your wisdom and your company gets respect for supporting the next generation of social entrepreneurs!