In Between Stories

In Between Stories

We use these three words a lot.

They help describe why the world feels a bit weird at the moment.

The reason things feel uncertain, unstable and challenging right now is because we are genuinely in-between stories.

We’re observing and experiencing the limits of the current capitalist economic system in so many aspects of our lives. But we can’t yet see what might be emerging as a viable alternative.

To re-imagine and indeed build a new future, we desperately need new stories.

This well-regarded economist and social theorist, Jeremy Rifkin, is hitting on some interesting concepts that could shape a new story. You might know him for his ground-breaking work on ‘the empathic civilisation‘.

Where plummeting zero marginal cost for the production of products and services on top of a powerful open communication platform, a rapidly growing internet of things and new energy infrastructure enables a new hybrid economy to emerge – built on a collaborative commons ethos.

Whilst it’s not a perfect story yet, his thinking has at least some of the building blocks of a new economic story.

It’s worth the 40 or so minutes if like us, you are on a mission to build a more beautiful world