WildCamp reflections from Year Here

WildCamp reflections from Year Here

Back in September, we were very excited about a collaboration with groundbreaking enterprise Year Here, who are the UK’s leading organisation for developing graduates to be leaders in social innovation and agents of change.

The collaboration with Wild Camp paired experienced creative and business professionals with Year Here’s 10 current fellows to spend two days and two nights together. The goal –  to connect and support each other through a nature reconnection journey to open hearts and mind.

It seems a long time now since the warm, early autumn days that greeted us at Wild Camp meets Year Here. But as autumn’s mellow fruitfulness gives way to winters stillness and reflection we thought it was about time we shared some of what happened at our camp and a little bit about plans for next year.

I think we can say it was a big success. Pairing the awesome fellows with a band of do’ers, explorers and questioners proved a great mix. We really didn’t know what to expect other than that when you put awesome people together in an amazing wild place magic will happen, always. And it did.

As one of the Year Here fellows so wonderfully put it.

“Being in the woods was like taking breath from a clan of ancient arboreal oxygen masks. The whole experience was a delight and an adventure”

We sang, we questioned, we listened, we went grocking (!), we learned how to make fire and explored biomimicry. Most of all we created a space where we could explore our own journeys as humans on this planet, wanting to make a difference in some small way. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came for their energy and enthusiasm and for giving themselves so fully – it could never have happened without you.

As for next year we’re exploring a number of ideas – everything from one-day Presence walks to design-led Biomimicry innovation camps to deeper transformative personal inquiry and leadership camps. We’d love to hear what you think.

See you in the woods next year.

Stay Wild

The Wild Camp crew