An invite to the 4th Capital C event

An invite to the 4th Capital C event

Here's an invitation to the fourth Capital C event, Thursday 16th April 2015 from 4.00 to 8.00pm at The Calthorpe Project, Kings Cross, Central London... directions here

We've had great events so far in NovemberJanuary and March, so Macmillan Cancer Support and Swarm are hosting a fourth, and final Capital C event for this pilot programme. Here’s a super-short film of our first event.

The aim of this final session is to develop a tangible plan to make the ideas created in the last event happen, to write a bigger story of what we’ve learnt so far and to shape the future of the Capital C project in London

An energetic, diverse and creative community of Londoners affected by cancer is growing around the Capital C project. Together, we have built a detailed understanding of where and how people get their support and services, and what is currently missing. We have deliberately looked beyond NHS services to explore where Londoners affected by cancer could get support on their terms - at home, work or even at the supermarket.

This community has identified a range of opportunities to help people manage the immediate and the long-term effects of cancer across all aspects of their lives. In the third event, the group turned these into 7 ‘concepts’ or ‘prototypes’ that could be taken forward. All of them use the existing assets, spaces, organisations and communities in London in different ways.

This fourth event will focus on building, challenging and refining the concepts including understanding their feasibility and identifying potential partners to make them happen. We will also be creatively working through what we’ve learned during this process, and write up stories to help inform Macmillan’s London strategy. Finally we’ll be building a picture of what Capital C could evolve into, and how you’d like to see it progress from here.

As before this event is open to professionals and patients. We are also now keen to invite people with different perspectives and skills to help with making solutions happen, especially;

1. larger London-based organisations and employers

2. people affected by cancer in the creative/service design communities

For further information and to register for the event please sign-up below. Transportation costs will be covered and food and drink will be provided.