Hatch Camp

Creating the conditions for peer-to-peer learning and support across a growing community of social entrepreneurs.

Unltd, in partnership with Santander were asking themselves a question;

“Can we kickstart a movement of peer support for social entrepreneurs?”

They were interested in exploring how they might make the most of the collective skills, knowledge and experience of the social entrepreneurs they’ve funded with small awards on their Spark programme. How could they best support each other?

We invited the 200 Spark Award Winners to an open and collaborative 1 day Swarm hosted at Google Campus under the banner of ‘Hatch Camp’. Around 50 social innovators and other related experts gathered to share their challenges and identify practical ways they could support each other.

Hatch Camp rates as one of our highest energy Swarms with very strong participant feedback (4.65 out of 5 stars). In the words of one of the social entrepreneurs;

“It was great to meet face to face with others working on similar projects and to learn and share with others. Such a buzzing atmosphere with so much passion and enthusiasm between everyone, it really energised me and gave me the support to move onto the next step”.

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