Re-Claim Energy

Re-Claim Energy

Kick-starting a new energy system, from the ground-up.

Of all the systems we have, the one we depend on most is energy. Energy is everywhere. It powers our homes, offices, farms, hospitals and transport. It fuels our businesses, our industries and our public services. It's embedded in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the technology we use. Indeed it drives our whole economy.

But it’s become something we take for granted. A utility, hidden away from everyday life.

As our need for energy intensifies, in the face of rising population, stagnating economies, the challenge of climate change and paths to rapid decarbonisation, so does our need for new conversations, approaches and relationships to energy.

Whilst fossil fuels powered industrialisation, the future demands cleaner, cheaper and more distributed energy. And a more energy conscious and aware culture.

As we build towards a collaborative venturing mission on energy, we’ve been exploring a number of questions….

1. How do we connect the dots between all the amazing projects that are re-building our energy system from the ground up?

2. What would a highly networked, decentralised and co-owned clean energy brand powering home and communities look like?

3. What tools, infrastructure and support services are needed to accelerate the growth of community energy projects across the UK?

4. How might we grow mainstream attention and investment towards clean energy projects by harnessing the benefits of the divestment from fossil fuel industries?

In 2015 we will be embarking on our first Swarm to Re-Claim Energy. Please get in touch if you'd like to fund or back a new collaborative venture in this space.

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