A Swarm journey has multiple ways in.

There are many ways to start a Swarm. We recognise that different people are at different places with different immediate needs and questions, so we look to meet you where you're at.

From identifying relevant problem areas and framing challenges that fit with your organisation and brand. Through to creative collaboration events that build fixer brands and hatch collaborative ventures and movements. Through to developing the business models that sustain them, and the teams of people that nurture, grow and lead them.

We have developed a set of core ‘methods’ to support our partners along this journey from start-out, to start-up to scale-up.

For EY we designed a Scout program to help them explore purpose and the future business of social innovation. With Cancer Research UK, we hosted a Swarm Live to develop prototypes that engage the public in cancer research. For Nike Foundation and DFID we have combined Unplugged and Ventures methods to prototype an accelerator program. For the Wild Network we’ve used Swarm Live to grow the community and prototype ideas, Studio to develop creative communication platforms and Ventures to support the sustainability of the movement.

Wherever you’re at, we believe there’s a huge opportunity for inspired people who want to build human-scale, participative brands. Brands that market gnarly problems. Brands that invite people to participate in fixing these problems.

We do this using a Swarm approach. Bringing together diverse voices and participants, including experts, users, makers and thinkers from multiple sectors and places. A whole system perspective.

Creating the conditions for creative collaboration to happen, new ideas to emerge, community to form, ventures to hatch, capacity to build and momentum to develop.