A Scout in NYC

Exploring purpose, social innovation and collaboration on a Scout around New York City.

We spent two days in NYC with a senior partner team from EY UK & Ireland on a co-designed Scout.

We visited schools, tech start-ups, social entrepreneurs, activists and change makers trying to solve difficult systemic issues with innovative approaches and new ways of working.

Through openness and experiential learning, we created space for the team to explore some of their own challenges. The team learnt how others have built purpose, collaboration and innovation into their work in tangible ways, to take back into their business.



Channel Swarm

What is host leadership?

A Host is someone who receives or entertains guests. This is a position with which we are all familiar, at some level. Think about your experience of hosting people in...
January 3
Our First Hive

Our First Hive

Three weeks ago we ran our first hive. A three day, two night experiential learning event, at the remote and beautiful West Lexham where 50 strangers from corporate, creative and campaigning walks of life gathered and collaborated creatively around a...
June 18