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Designing a service to help young people learn about their immigration status and rights.

We are working with Unbound Philanthropy and Paul Hamlyn Foundation to design a service to raise the awareness, increase the application and quality of citizenship cases in the UK. It is a part of their Supported Options Initiative.

No way out

The Supported Options Initiative aims to provide support and advice to young people (up to 30 years of age) and children in the UK who do not have regular immigration status or are undocumented. Many of these young people feel that they are unable, or for various reasons are unwilling, to approach organisations for help. There may also be only very limited options available through which they can seek to address their situation.

Channel Swarm

What is host leadership?

A Host is someone who receives or entertains guests. This is a position with which we are all familiar, at some level. Think about your experience of hosting people in...
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